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our journal far from school

What 's that?

  • a desert island

    Dear students of all ages and classes,
    Hi! we (actually, prof. Dep 😉) thought about something very important to share with you:
    we would like to know what you are discovering during these days while you are at home, far from school, like on a desert island.
  • What's happ?

    What happens during your day at home? What makes you happy? Is there something that you are learning and that cheers you up?




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the last messages (May 11 th - 31 th)

# 272

The school is finishing tomorrow and the summer is coming, although with today's weather it does not seem and I will always remember what happened this year.


# 271

Good morning prof, how are you? In this period I am studying a lot for my term and sometimes I can play a little basketball. I also help my family, and I speak online or out on the street with my friends. Goodbye and have a good day

# 270

So today when I woke up I saw that I had gotten in 7th place in the photoblog and I was very happy!

After lunch I did a 2 hours bike ride and I did 20 km. It was long but I'm happy of the results it can bring. I can't wait till the end of school!

# 269

Last Saturday I went in the mountains with my parents, my uncles with my cousin Christian. I did my homework in the morning and in the afternoon we took long walks.

# 268

Sunday was my dad's birthday and he was very happy because I made a chocolate cake for him.

I love you dad

# 267

La fin de l’école est proche. Je suis très préoccupée pour la thèse! Je suis en train de la finir et j’espère avoir une bonne note. Je suis très désolée de ne pas avoir fait le voyage de fin d'année avec ma classe et j'espère que tout se passera rapidement.

# 266

Today I visited my grandparents and I also talked with one of my friends. Yesterday I went riding with my cousin and it was so much fun! Now I'm starting the count down for the end of school!

# 265

I'm excited because tomorrow is the birthday of my friend Asia and we are going to have a picnic in the mountains.

# 264

Soon the school will end and for this I am very happy, because I will have more time to read, play and relax. But I'm also very sad because I won't see my friends and teachers.

# 263

This week was beautiful. I had not many tests and not much homework, and in the afternoon I drew.

# 262

I am very happy, because the school will end in a week, but I am also sad because I won't see my friends. After school I will have the presentation of the paper and I will have more free time to read, to play and to discover new activities.

# 261 Fun day

Yesterday I made some muffins and donuts. They were very delicious! Tomorrow I’m meeting my friends and I will take them my homemade sweets. I’m very happy because of this: I haven't seen them in a long time. Tell me if you like them!

# 260 friday

I am very happy today because it is finally friday! I don’t have any homeworks for today, so I can focus on my presentation for the exams, I have almost finished it.

# 259 I wonder if

Last night my father went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of rum. I immediately thought of the pirates, they always drank the rum. I sniffed the liquor from my father's glass, it was a good smell. I thought, "I wish I was a pirate like Jack Sparrow." I imagine myself on a ship in the middle of the sea at night and drinking rum under the moonlight ... But I'm here, in Milan, in the 21st century ... I wonder if it's better.

# 258 faster and slower

We are at the end of the year. I’m very busy with the interrogations and tests. I would like that these days pass faster, because I would like some relax. But I would like also that these days pass slower, because I’m in the last year of the middle school and I will leave a lot of my friends and classmates.

# 257

These days I am making many video calls with my friends who keep me company

a snack

Dear logbook, today I had a long video call with friends and we organized a "snack" together. Each of us had snacks to nibble on, we chatted a lot and we also went out (who has a terrace on the terrace, who has a balcony on the balcony ...).
We had great fun! ✨

a condominium dinner

On Saturday I had a condominium dinner and we laughed soo hard. We had so much fun and told each other our life stories. We went to bed late but it was worth it! It was a really happy night. We also brought different foods and so we all tried different tastes.

All in all it was nice.

studying a lot

Good evening prof, how are you? In this period i am studying a lot, helping my family and cycling. Sometimes i go to the park to play basketball or to do physical exercises.


You are a mystery


a newborn

My cousin was born tonight ... my uncles sent me a photo, she's beautiful. I can't wait to end this quarantine to get to know her. I would go there right away since they are "stable affections" but my aunt gave birth in the hospital of Bergamo... so we will wait a week or two.

spending some time

Dear friends and teachers, 6th of may 2020

in this days I passed the time with my family, I'm so sad because the school is closed, I like school very much, because there are my friends and the teachers; but for me this is a possibility to spend some time with relatives because before we didn't spend much time with the people we love.
This collective Logbook is a book where we share to friends and teachers our ideas.
Let they be wonderful days with our relatives even if these days aren't normal.
Goodbye and good luck!


This morning I texted my australian friend, Eva. She can speak Italian because her mother lived in Italy, so we sometimes text in Italian and sometimes in English. She comes to Italy only a few weeks a year, so we don't see each other a lot. We are more like pen-friends. We have lots of things in common: we're both 13 years old, we both have a water turtle, we both like Disney films and we both do scouts. We stopped texting this morning because her mother told her that dinner was ready... and my mother told me that breakfast was ready!

strange birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I was with my family, luckily: my parents and my grandparents. It was a strange day because I couldn’t see my friends like the past years. I got only one gift because shops are closed... I hope next year will be better.


not lying

Now I'm studying for the test, and it's true...


Hier, j'ai déjeuné avec l'avocat et j'ai eu une idée. Il y a quelque temps, en fait, j'avais vu que la graine d'avocat pouvait être plantée pour faire pousser, même sur le balcon une petite plante qui, si elle poussait avec le bon climat et l'espace, pouvait devenir un vrai arbre! J'ai, donc, décidé de planter cette graine d'avocat dans un pot assez grand pour lui donner le bon espace pour pousser, sur le balcon de ma cuisine. C'était très amusant et j'ai hâte qu'il grandisse!

a birthday

I'm really happy! Friday was my birthday! I did a lot of things: at 8:00 o'clock I woke up, I opened my presents, and after breakfast( with crêpes) I answered to all people that wished me happy B-day.

At 10:00 o'clock started the video lessons, and they finished at 12:00 o'clock. At 12:30 my friend Ludovica called me for say happy birthday to me. At 1:00 my uncle and my grandmother came at my place, and we had lunch together on the balcony. At 3:00 started the english lesson flyers, and we made an exam test. When the english lessons finished my friend Alex called me to wish me happy birthday, and my friends Viola and Matilda, too! But at 5:00 p.m. I had to go because there was my friend Ludovica in the park, for having a little pic-nic and changed the gift (her birthday was in March). At 6:00 she had to go because she had a dancing lesson online, so my other friends ( indeed just 2 ) came for a bike ride in the park. And at fifty past seven everybody went home for dinner. Friday was a wonderful day!!!

Bikes and grandparents

I'm very happy, because on Saturday morning, after two long months, I saw my grandparents again. In the afternoon my dad bought me a new bike. It's very nice, pink and white. It's big and very fast.

the mountain

Last Saturday I went for a walk on the mountain. It was really beautiful! I'm in Aprica from the end of February.

Alessio, 1^C

Stranger Things

In this quarantine I thought of making a notebook where I would have written a kind of identity card on the characters of my favorite TV series (Stranger Things)

mi perra

Hoy voy al parque con mi perra. Tengo mucha suerte porque puedo salir de casa con ella. Yo me divierto mucho con ella. Es pequeña y muy veloz.

Captain's log

Astral date 14.05.2020.

Today I noticed that the Klingon plant had changed the position ..... So I told the captain mom but she she replied that she had moved to water it, then I went to look at the plant and saw that it had become a lot uglier than usual ..... And then I realized that not even one Klingon plant could win against Capitan mom.

new high school

In these days when my homework are done i play on pc with my friends. They are 1 year older and they go to my new high school, so we while play we speak about the school. I'm very lucky because in this way i have a lot of information.


a big barbecue

We had a big barbecue with meat, it was really delicious and in the afternoon we went for a walk in the park, to get some air!!!

tarte aux fraises

Hier j'ai célébré la fête des mères avec ma famille. J'ai fait une tarte aux fraises (la préférée de ma mère) avec ma sœur; c’est facile de la faire! En plus j’ai acheté des roses et des bonbons pour prendre une bon petit déjeuner.

guitar & piano

In these days I’m playing the guitar to relax myself. Moreover I’m learning to play the piano, in particular, I’m practicing with “7 years” song. I really like this melody because it’s emotional and catchy.

an English test

Tomorrow I have an English test with prof. De Petri. I'm so scared but I know that I can do it very well. I'm happy I'm studying hard to get a great mark! : )

un petit peu heureuse

Je suis une fille, j’habite à Milan, en Italie. Je vais au collège mais aujourd’hui, à cause du Covid-19, Je dois rester à la maison et je ne peux pas rencontrer mes amis. Mais Il faut dire que je suis aussi un petit peu heureuse de rester à la maison avec ma famille. 😌🏡😉


Je suis sortie pour la première fois ce matin. Ma famille et moi avons joué au volley-ball.


Yesterday I ate my first ice cream! I loved it! It was delicious. I went for a ice cream with my family. Then I went along Martesana with bikes. It was a fantastic experience and day.

Les oncles et les cousins

Aujourd'hui je vais enfin rendre visite à mes oncles et mes cousins au second degré. Je suis très contente. Je suis impatiente; ça fait des mois que je ne les ai pas vus et ils me manquent beaucoup.

my grandfather

Saturday i visited my grandfather, i was very happy because i hadn't see him for two or three months.


Last Sunday It was my brother’ s birthday, we had fun, We ate a lot of sweets and We ate a big cake.
We celebrated my brother’ s birthday together with my grandparents, and I was very happy because I didn’t see them in a log time.
My brother received a lot of presents and I made a cake!

Do you like It??

an opportunity

Today I’ m feeling happy because I stay with my grandparents and I do an interrogation.
I will stay with them and I will be happy to enjoy these days, and what I do. We use these days as an opportunity.

my book

Today I read and I finished my book. In the afternoon I saw my aunt and in the evening I cooked a kish with my mother. I played with my dog and with my sister. I watched my favourite film.


Yesterday I studied with one of my friends. We learned maths and then we did other stuff together. Then at night before watching a film I played with my brother at Starwars battle front with a Ps4 stairways game. It was a really good start for getting into the weekend. In the weekend I'll study for an exam and play games.

a new language

Today I am exited for two things. First, tomorrow is the mum's day, and the day after is my mother's birthday.

I am happy because my dad and me have bought two amazing gifts, which I look forward to give her.

The other thing is totally different: my friends and me decided to learn German together. One of us finds the videos and sends it to the other two, and in video call we learn this new language.

We want to learn such a difficult language because I study Spanish at school, and they study French, so we chose German, new for everyone!

Yesterday we learnt the alphabet , the numbers and the verbs: be, call and live. And I already like it!

strange things

Friday for the first time after two months locked in the house I went for a little walk with my mom. It was very strange to go out, walk and see other people, the other strange thing is to walk with a mask, but I know we have to wear it for our sake.

Loredana • 1^A

Sempione park

On Saturday I went to Sempione park and it was wonderful. I didn't go to the park for a long time. My family and I played ball and frisbee. it was a fun day. We took our bikes to go to the park we did a lot of exercise on Saturday and we were really happy. I can't wait to go on another trip like that one. It was wonderful.

Isaac 1^B

Call me Anna

Today I called my best friend, we talked a lot and we decided to start a new TV serie together. The new serie call "Chiamatemi Anna" .
This serie is about a girl who has been adopted by a poor family and must try to be accepted by other people.

Ginevra, 2^B

my bike

Today I go for a bike with... my bike.
Yes, with only my bike, because my brother doesn't like going for a bike ride.
I went around the block and then I pedalled to the school.

a Klingon plant

Captain's log, astral date 07.05.2020
This afternoon captain mom returned from the expedition with a cactus... but it had something strange... it had buds and then I said, "It's a Klingon plant it'll take
possession of the ship. I'm undecided whether to launch SOS.
This could be my last communication
over and out.



the park

This week, after a long quarantine, my family and I decided to go for a walk in the park, so yesterday we went for a bike ride, but there were a lot of people (everybody with the mask).


Today my sister and I called our grandparents and cooked my sister's favorite cake together and then we decided that next week my family and I will visit them. I am very happy because I will meet my relatives again.


Yesterday afternoon my grandma and I went to a greenhouse together because we bought plants and flowers. We didn't stay there a lot because it was a very sunny day and with the plastic gloves and the cotton mask we were almost melting. We went there because we wanted to buy a present for my mum for the Mum Day. We bought her a big white vase with lots of little blue, light blue and white flowers: they're really pretty! My grandma bought for herself a fertilizer for lemon trees, an under-vase and two packs of flower seeds; and she bought me a little plant with lots of big violet flowers, a pack of seeds of Edelweiss and two little flowers, one yellow and one orange, for my brothers. I enjoyed spending time with my grandma after all those weeks without her!

a poem

I wake up,

I have breakfast, 

I do my homework, 

I have lunch,

I do my homework,

I have dinner,

I play computer games, 

I go to bed

under the rain

"I'm studying in the rain :) "
Today is a very cold day for this season so I put on winter clothes. I don't like rain but I like the landscape under the rain and for this reason I'm on the balcony while I'm studying. This is the landscape that I see from my balcony:

Sara : )  1^B

she would gladly cut my hair

It had been about three months that I had insisted on cutting my hair more or less up to my shoulders. My mom always said no because she said I was fine with long hair. But then the virus came and the hairdressers closed. To think that I was also able to convince her. Two days ago, however, I went to visit my grandmother who told me that she would gladly cut my hair. I was sincerely happy at the beginning I was also a little scared for fear that the cut would not come as I imagined. But luckily it's beautiful, I like it a lot even though my mother is still completely convinced that I was better with long hair.


pizza’s time

Last Sunday I ate pizza with my family: we sat all together and ate the frozen pizza from supermarket, as my parents prefer not to have deliveries...We had fun and drunk coke. I know that it sounds strange: we stay together all the time in this period! But my sister and I have live lessons every morning and we have to do homework in the afternoon.

My parents too are busy with work and business calls all the day, so we are actually divided during the day...that’s why pizza’s time was great! 🍕🥤😋

I don't do many things

In this quarantine I don't do many things: I study, I watch Netflix and I sleep. But I am happy because my parents don't work during the day, so I can stay and play with my family. And then I learned to cook cakes and  biscuits…  I like it !

my grandad

On Monday I went to my grandad's to see him, and talk a little bit, it was very beautiful. I missed him.

Le piano

J'avais oublié le son du piano

I love cooking

This morning I'm so tired for all, for homework, for staying at home, tired of my little sister..... But today I cooked so much then I'm happy, because I love cooking.

mum’s day

Today it's the mum’s day!!! My sister and I wrote beautiful things for her, we printed a nice photo that we did at the Dead Sea. We bought her a present, it’ll arrive soon!


Good evening prof, how are you? These days I am doing my homework and playing basketball, playing video games and talking to my friends. Then I also help my family. See you and good evening.


This Saturday I went to the playground with my mum, my friend, my friend's mum and my friend's sister. Then my dad's arrived with my friend's grandfather.
Me, my friend and my friend's sister had three scooters and we couldn't get on the playground's attraction, we could go around it with our scooters..
I've done twenty laps of the playground on my white and red scooter and I sometimes have drunk some water at a little fountain on the perimeter of the park.


This week I finally went out for visit my grandmother and more over yesterday it was a birthday of my cousin, he is 15 years; for her birthday we did a videocall with our family like the other birthdays.


cooking and riding

These days I am cooking a lot of desserts, which are very appreciated by my family, I love cooking. Yesterday I went for a bike ride with my father, my cousins and my uncle. I usually make a videocall with my friends in the afternoon and sometimes we study together. I'm very bored and I do not know what to do.

I hope it will end soon.


Today it's raining so I called my cousin who lives in Naples and asked him what the weather was like there and we talked a lot.


I miss you

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”

mysterious seeds

One day we found some mixed seeds in a page of a book.
We planted them on our little balcony and we don't know if they are flowers, fruit or vegetables.
Now they are growing and it is still not clear.


Dear logbook, today I took my dog ​​Lelù for a walk. We met a woman with a dog named Perla, she and my dog ​​immediately made friends! I, having gloves, was able to caress her: she was so affectionate! They both played a lot. As soon as we got home, we had a nice bath in Lelù♥️.

my bike

Today I can go ride a bike with.... my bike.
Yes, with only my bike because my brother don't like to go for a bike ride.
I've done several laps around the house and then I went to the school.

a bike ride

This week I studied many subjects and now I'm very tired but today I went for a bike ride with my mum and I had a lot of fun, it was strange going out because I didn't go out since February 22nd

a sad story

Yesterday morning I woke up a bit later because the lessons started at 10 a.m.
I was walking through the living room because I had to take a new bottle of milk and I saw my cat playing with something. I saw like a big grey ball, but it was too big...
and the cat was too exciting, more than with a simple ball. I stopped my cat’s run and she left the “ball”.
It was a little bird, dark grey, white and green. It was soo nice, poor it!
I don’t know how my cat did it, but I know the birds challenge her going near her. This one has been unlucky.
Yes, it’s a SAD STORY.

I cook

today I cook some muffins

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I gave her a necklace, and when she was out I made a chocolate brownie with icing sugar. I wrote "mom" on it.
She loved it



I usually wake up at 8 o'clock.
Then I have breakfast with my parents.
After live lessons I do physical activity.

Simone, 1^C


This weekend I went for a bike ride with my brother, then at lunchtime my father took us to Mc, we picked the food up and took it home.



Alessandro, 1^C

my dog

Today I'm so happy because my dad has said that on Monday he is going to go to my aunt to
bring back my dog at home. I'm so excited, I was waiting for this so long. I promised my dog I will never let him go without me again before what's happening in these days again.

the mountains

I like my house because from the window I can see the mountains. It's near the park too and I can go there on foot or by bike. Every day, when I finish my homework, I go to the park. I love it!

Captain's logbook

Astral date 20.05.2020
This morning Mr. Spock-daddy has said that he has found a mysterious object on the kitchen table.
He thinks that it's an alien object coming from Saturn's third moon. He has said that the mysterious object has a red light and that it is very hot and heavy.
He has tried to touch a button and the object has emitted a jet of steam.
Is it a secret weapon of the Klingons?
I'm very afraid, I haven’t wanted to go to the kitchen all day.
I have decided to wait for Captain Mama, she is brave!

the Lord of the Rings

Today I started reading the Lord of the Rings, my sister recommended it to me because it's her favourite book. It's very beautiful and the story is fantastic.

Lemon chicken

In these days I’m very busy and tired! I have a lot of homework and queries! But I can also do something interesting. For example I learnt how to cook “Lemon chicken”, I had a lot of fun!


Yesterday I have cooked a chocolate cake with my sister. It was a little disgusting but edible. Then we saw a fantasy film with our parents.

I had watched it many times

Yesterday I went to my balcony because it was hot. I watched the view, and it was is very very beautiful.
I had watched it many times but this time was very beautiful.
There was the sun, beautiful houses, the Unicredit skyscraper ecc...
The view from my house is very beautiful!

my friends

After a long time I finally met my friends. It was a very emotional moment 😊

I'm very tired

This week has been very difficult. I had to do a lot of homework and I'm very tired. Every evening I go to bed very late like at 12.00 p.m.

I'm very tired

Good evening prof, how are you? In in this period I am helping my family, I am studying, cycling, playing basketball and I am playing videogames too.

the school photo contest

Today one of my friends won the school photo contest, I am very happy for her and her photo is very beautiful.

a trip with my cousin

Today I have studied all day because i I have a very important oral class test tomorrow and I don't want to fail it. I really hope it will go well. I've also known that on Saturday I will go on a trip with my cousin and I can't wait !


When I was 6 years our white cat Nemo caught a little blackbird. It was only a chick and we didn't knew where the nest was, so we decided to keep it. Her name was Pianta but we used to call her Cipaletta. We fed her with seeds and bird food, but her favorite plate was wiener schnitzel. We kept her for all the winter and spring and in summer she learnt to fly and we freed her.

second time

Today my sister and I tried to cook my sister's favorite cake for the second time. The first time, the cake wasn't very good, but today it was excellent!


Today isn't a good day because I have to study for lots of hours. I'm waiting for summertime sadness every day because school is very bad.

Antonio, 3^A

le Lycée

Pendant cette semaine, j'ai commenceé à realiser que la quatrième est en train de finir, et qu'en septembre je vais commmencer le Lycée. Je suis un peu agitée et triste parce que je ne verrai plus mes amis tous le jours, mais je suis aussi contente parce que je sais que le Lycée sera une expérience très belle. Je suis fascinée par mon avenir et j'ai hâte de rencontrer de nouveaux amis.


blown the balloons up

Today my mum and I have prepared my sister's birthday party (little).
We have made a cake and we have blown the balloons up. My sister was very happy for the beautiful gifts.

many hours

In this lockdown period I have stayed many hours in front of the computer.
To move a little, I do yoga with mom and I have a lot of fun.

Beatrice, 2^B

I don't like books

Today isn't a good day because I had to study a lot and I don't like studying or reading. I'm trying to read a book but I don't like books.


Some good music

una oportunidad para ser felices

Hoy estoy pensado que somos muy afortunados porque podemos hacer los deberes y también tenemos todo lo que necesitamos. Podemos pensar como las personas que no tienen nada: ellos ven todo con ojos de esperanza y como una oportunidad para ser felices. Demos las gracias al Señor que nos da todo

May 1 st - 10 th

I didn't go out

Yesterday you could finally leave the house respecting the rules and I would have liked to go out to visit my grandmother, but in the end I didn't go out.

All in all

Yesterday My family and I visited my cousins and ate lunch there. We had a lot of fun. I went riding with one of my cousins and then played some games. It was really nice. I didn't have so much fun in a long time. After sometime my family and my cousin did sports. All in all it was a marvellous day.

try it again

This week I tried to make my favorite dessert, the chocolate cupcake, with my mum for the first time. At the end when I tasted it, it was quite good, so I decided to try it again next week.

People that are allergic to pollen

When Spring arrives lots of pollen start to fall and the wind blows it trought all the city. People that are allergic to pollen hate this time of the year because they can't do anything without sneezing or scratching their eyes. Luckily, I'm not allergic to anything and when I look out of the window I can see a beautiful snowfall of pollen. Near our house there are a lot of linden trees and the pollen that they make really looks like lots of little fluffy snowflakes.

hip hop

Last Sunday my mom and I did some some exercises of gymnastics and hip hop that we saw in a video. My mom got tired very soon, but it was very funny.


Dear logbook, lately I’m doing many beautiful things. For example: I started a new Netflix series, I play with my dog, I read many books, I do karaoke, I listen to a lot music on Spotify and YouTube etc. But I don’t always enjoy myself, I often have moments of boredom, sadness but above all homesickness for my relatives who live in the South💕😞.

a treasure hunt

I’m so happy because, despite the quarantine, I can do many beautiful and funny things. For example, the karaoke 🎤. I love it! When I sing I feel happy and relaxed. In this week I also went on a treasure hunt with my family, we cooked crêpes with nutella and a chocolate cake and I video-called my friends!

I called my best friend

This morning I called my best friend and we talked all morning. Then, this afternoon, my sister and I called our cousins ​​ and we cooked a delicious cake together and this evening my family and I saw a movie together.

It's only a test

è solo un test

art is the soul

In this quarantine I learned to know myself and also to appreciate the things around me like art. Art for me is like a friend who pulls me up the mood, who is able to make me appreciate all its faces. Through art I discovered that I could also express myself in another way a little more particular but always effective: singing.

I saw children playing

Finally, May 4th has come and it's the second phase of the lockdown! Today I was finally able to go to the park and I felt free, I had been waiting for this moment for a long time.😍 I saw children playing, even though the play areas are closed❤️♥️🥳

I will finally go home

Today I woke up early because I have to do my homework and help my mother load the skis we have to bring to Milan, I will finally go home.


Yesterday I returned home after two months of quarantine in the mountains. Today my father goes to work but when he comes back I will spend a lot of time with him since I haven't seen him for a long time.

facing this story

Good morning prof! In this period I am helping my family and I am trying to study and do my homework at best. However, I'm facing this story well. See you later!

I discovered

Today has been a beautiful sunny day, because this afternoon, after many weeks, I went to the park by bike with my parents. I saw a lot of flowers and ducks in a little lake. I discovered some new paths too.

they sing and I listen

I love doing video calls with my best friends, they are very important for me. We talk about something funny, act and sing... well they sing and I listen.