April 13 th - 14 th

The panzerotti

This week I learned to cook better: I had fun with my mother: we made bread and panzerotti, a typical Apulian food. I also called some friends and we talked a lot!


I study, I do gymnastics, I play whith my family, I play videogames, I read, I wake up at 8.00 or at 7.30

the balcony

I am studing and relaxing. I feel good on the balcony; these days I feel bored because I can't see my friends.


Goodmorning. I get up at 8 o'clock. I study science for live lesson at 11 o' clock. I see questions from my classmates. At 13 o' clock I have lunch with my parents. In the afternoon I do my homeworks. Goodbye

my cat’s birthday

Today my family and I made a chocolate cake for my cat’s birthday which is on 14th of April. I had so much fun doing it and I discovered I love to cook, intact I think that I will cook again during this quarantine.

My mum

My mom works in a pharmacy, every day I'm very worried about her but when she comes home I hug her and that thought passes, I love her.

I jump into my house

I'm often sad because I miss sport, but when I jump into my house I feel better

I see a butterfly


April 13 th

Every day I think of my uncles and my cousins ​​whom I hope to re-embrace soon.

three courses

For Easter, my family and I cooked three courses: my mom cooked the first course, my dad cooked the second course and I cooked dessert. The desserts were fruit tarts: they were really delicious.

how beautiful is to read

In these days I rediscovered how beautiful is to read because I had more time. I really like the book that I'm reading. Yesterday while I was reading I said aloud:<< Non ci credo!!! >> because the story really surprised me. It's really beautiful to use your imagination.

The skateboard

today I run with my skateboard in the garden

my friends of the sea

On Easter Monday, in the afternoon I made a super video call on Meet with my friends of the sea to keeps us company and greet us!!!!!!!

kneading the flour

Friday my brother and I made a pizza. I had a lot of fun kneading the flour. Pizza was very very good.

a notebook full of drawings

Today I got very bored so I started to tidy up my room and I found a notebook full of drawings so I remembered my passion that will never abandon me especially in moments of boredom.

the hope I feel

I'm discovering the importance of how lucky I am to have fun even if I am at home, during my day I wake up early, have breakfast and get ready and then at 7:40 am I check my homework, I review and then I start the online school, when I finish I do my homework, I have lunch, and then I enjoy playing with my computer or watching TV. Then in the late afternoon I check again that I have done my homework and review. Then I have dinner and I go to sleep. I am happy with the idea that the world is going on even without physical contact, but I am not entirely happy because every day the news make me shiver with hundreds of people that die because of this virus. The thing that makes me happy, however, is the hope, the hope I feel for the future in which I hope the virus is defeated and therefore we will win this war after many battles.

I said that it was ok anyway

The day before my birthday, my family told me that unfortunately for this situation they hadn't the chance to give me a gift. I said that it was ok anyway, but at midnight when I was going to sleep my brother said: "there is no birthday without a gift". He gave me the package, I unwrapped it and there was a new phone. I was very happy because I was waiting it for long!

our quarantine's diary

During my Easter's holidays I had a lot of great time! On Thursday me and my friends Viola and Matilda had a virtual sleepover. We watched TV together, and wrote our quarantine's diary. Also we had a snack at midnight. We stayed up nearly all night long, and we talked and did a lot of things. That was so funny! In these days I don't get bored at home, but I'm sad that I can't meet my friends and go outside.

Playing guitar

Last week my mum started teaching me to play guitar. For now the sound is not very nice , but I hope to improve soon

reading a book

I want to travel, to meet wonderful people and to discover something new about myself. I think I'll start reading a book.

It’s windy tonight. I love the wind.

a day full of laughter

Today I was very productive, I studied, played cards with my brother and have lunch with my family, I trained and I had a lot of fun. It was a day full of laughter and fun.

my dad's birthday

Today is my dad's birthday and I cooked a fantastic cake for him. In the evening I meet my cousin with video call, it's a fantastic day.

feel free

In this is quarantine I am discovering the world of gymnastic: it makes me feel free. I hope to go back to school soon and find all my classmates

I dance every day

I dance every day in the garden with my teacher and my friends. I cook very often! Yesterday I made 3 beautiful chocolate cakes.

a cake with chocolate

Today my mother has cooked a cake with chocolate, cream and stawberries. It was delicious!

we played chess

On that morning, I ate biscuits and drank milk. After a while we played chess, and we had a lot of fun. I love my family!

April 11 th - 12 th

April 9 th

Yesterday I cried because I wanted to see my boyfriend and I was very sad. Then he called me with Meet and we could see each other and talk for 2 hours. I was very happy for that!

April 6 th

I forgot how much I love "budino" (chocolate pudding) the way my granma used to cook it.

April 4 th

I was out on the balcony and a little bird arrived. I was surprised.

April 1 st

"I played a lot of video games last week but then I was bored. My dad suggested to play cards with my elder brothers, but I couldn't do it. He taught me and now it's my favourite game! I also taught my mother to play Uno!"

March 29 th

"Today I had a fight with my sister of 4 years old because she wanted to eat my pizza, but then she made a drawing of a red flower and she gave it to me, and I forgave her. Then I was happy!"

April 11th - 14th