April 15 th - 16 th

our classmates

In this days I am staying with my grandparents and I'm playing with my sister. I don't like learning at home, or speaking with the teacher virtually. I like the classic school, when we can talk with our classmates and change ideas with them.

I miss going to school

Hi prof, I don’t like quarantena ,and I miss going to school, but I see the beauty in every moment and I will always remembrer this moment of my life.

the things that I like

In these days I’m not getting bored, I don’t do a lot but I usually spend the time listening to music, doing my homework, reading, chatting and drawing. I draw much more than how I draw on normal days. I always do the same things, so I don’t have much to say... I miss my friends, I miss the teachers and I miss going to school... I hope that everything will finish soon... I’m becoming more indipendent because sometimes my mum works all day. After all I don’t mind spending these days at home, I have a lot of time to do the things that I like... like drawing!

back to the future

I and my mom cooked a pizza for dinner and at 9.00 o'clock my family and I watched at the movie "back to the future"


Once I tried to practice home Pilates with my mom and my sister. I thought it was simple and funny, but it was really difficult! We used some accessories like the Pilates circle and followed an online Pilates class, but after a few exercises on the mat I was so tired and breathless that I had to stop 😥 Pilates isn’t very simple after all!🙃

we played computer games

This afternoon I video called my best friend, he lives in Genova, we played computer games and talked for 2 hours.

I didn't do any homework

On this very important day, I didn't do any homework. I just wanted to rest from the long and exhausting tasks they gave us in the previous days. Ah, the past continuous was very difficult. There are formulas that only English understand and then thinking about the interrogation of English I shivered from what we have to study. I cooked a cake which ended up directly in my stomach. It was really good!

I wanted to be alone

Today I quarreled with my mum because she didn't leave me alone. I wanted to be alone.


Lately, in the quarantine, I studied, I watched TV and I played a lot to fortnite because I don't know what to do. PS: I am looking forward to see my friends.


I made with my mum an italian bread: "farinata di ceci".

deserted streets and twittering birds

I was out on the balcony of my home this afternoon to finish my Easter egg and all that I could see was only deserted streets, twittering birds and people with their dogs. The quarantine continues, but I hold on! Come on everyone!


What I miss most about school are my classmates and Teachers……..!!!!!!

learning a lot

These days I am learning how to make lots of ideas: how to draw, how to take photos because I really like taking photos and then I am learning to cook.

sick and sad

This week isn't so beautiful for me because I was sick and I'm so sad because I coudn't meet my friends.

inevitably studying

I’m spending these days distracting myself wondering when all this will end and inevitably studying but I’m not completely bored.

I learnt a lot of new words

When I'am free from homework I read al lot of books and I noticed that I learnt a lot of new words.

Lego and sadness

These days I'm making a lego that they gave me on Christmas, and I'm cooking a lot, but I'm a little sad because I can't see my friends.

an action film

Today i cooked a pizza for my family and then we watched an action film.

The Muffins

In the last period I saw a lot of cook programs, so I and my family decided to cook a lot of sweets. I cooked some muffins because I like them. They were very good ;)

the cat on the roof hidden in the dark

Yesterday I woke up very happy, I had a good breakfast and I went on the balcony; It was very hot. I saw the cat of our neighbors on his balcony looking at a bird on the roof (we live on the top floor of the building). After a minute the cat climbed on the wall to catch the bird. I got afraid and screamed very strong and the cat ran away. I was very happy because I saved the bird, but in the evening I went to the balcony again and I saw the cat on the roof, hidden in the dark behind the chimney. I think it was waiting for the return of the bird…