April 17 th - 18 th

this remote mountain village

Today I played soccer with a friend of mind in the garden and I had a lot of fun. We have respected the rules, we were both with masks and we kept the meter away. I am happy to have someone to have fun with in this remote mountain village.

lievito madre

At home I study and I play with my brother. In this days I cook lievito madre.

my brother’s birthday

Today is the my brother’s birthday me and my family will celebrate by having lunch with my brother’s favourite dish and eating a cake made by my mother, then my brother is going to play with his friends online.

a good pc

At Easter my parents bought a new beautiful pc for me. I'm very happy because I'm never had a good pc as its.

Gian Burrasca

This week I read book whose name is "Il giornalino di Gian Burrasca". I found it very funny. It was written in 1906 by Vamba, an Italian writer.

breaking my dad's lamp

Good afternoon. In this week I haven't had anything special, except breaking my dad's lamp with my dad! Mum was very angry! However a bit of a mess there is :)

tell me more about the story

This weeks I study a lot, but in the evening, with my family, I relax watching movies in the so called "movie marathon". The last movie I watched was Harry Potter. Unfortunately the latest Harry Potter's book hasn't been issued as a movie yet, so I asked a friend of mine, who has already read it, to tell me more about the story and she did. I found the intrigue so exciting and decided to buy the book immediately.

it was the first cake

Today, after I finished my homework, I played the piano, read my favorite book (Harry Potter) and cooked a cake with my sister, it was the first cake I have ever made and infact it didn't come out very well. This afternoon I called my cousins and I talked and played with them online. It was a beautiful day.

my basketball team

Me and my basketball team almost every day talk together on video call and our coach puts on the music to give time to do exercise.

My cat makes mischiefs

My cat makes mischiefs like a little child and my dad gets angry. Singing, watching my favourite cartoons and drawing make me happy.

very strange

During this period in quarantine, I experienced the lessons at distance: not only for school but also for dancing lessons; It has been very strange but interesting.

this is a good idea

Dear professor, I think this is a good idea to know how our classmates spend their time and if they too are getting boring. I want to talk to you about my daily routine. In the morning , when I wake up, I stay in bed and read a book on my Kindle. Then, when also my parents wake up, we get up together at about 8:30. We have breakfast for half an hour. I brush my teeth, put my home-clothes and at 9:00 I go on Classroom because I have my first video-lesson. Usually I have two video-lessons, but sometimes three and rarely only one. My mum has always lots of video-lessons instead, because she's a teacher. When I finish my lessons, I look on all the subjects if I have new homework. These lessons take almost all the morning and then the lunchtime comes. Usually my mum can't stay with me and my dad during all the lunch, because she has an other lesson in the afternoon. When I finish the lunch I usually help my dad to put the glasses and the plates in the dishwasher. Then I return to my bedroom and stay on my bed and read a book. Then I continue my homework and then have another rest. I usually have a snack on our balcony and then I do my homework again until the dinner. During the dinner we watch some programs and the TG on television. After dinner I play fifteen minutes on my dad's phone, then I watch a program again and go to bed at 22:00. On fridays and saturdays I watch a film on TV. For example, this evening we'll watch "Belle e Sebastien" after dinner.

the “classic cheesecake”

April 17th is my dad’s birthday and my mum and I usually prepare for him a “CHEESECAKE”: it’s so funny to do it. We use the “classic cheesecake” recipe from “Baking”, a cookbook we bought in Seattle the last time we went there to visit my uncle who lives there.