April 19 th - 20 th - 21 th

I ' ll try

These week I tried to cook pizza at home. It was the first time that I cooked it at home because usually I cook chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake with fruit or muffins. The pizza wasn't very good but in this quarantine I'll try to cook it other times.

my day has been pretty nice

Today I cried a lot. You wanna know why? The answer is easy. I'm a piece of garbage! Despite this, my day has been pretty nice and productive.

the great muffins

Today I cooked the chocolate muffins with my mum and my sister. We will eat them for dessert tonight

A squirrel in Milan

Yesterday I saw a little squirrel on the tree in front of the balcony of my house. I've never seen a squirrel in Milan before.

my younger brother

During these days I learnt how much the family helps to face difficulties. This is a thing that I was already aware of but for example I did not know that my younger brother can give me strength and support when I am worried.

every detail

Two weeks ago a friend of mine and my brother and I built a Lamborghini with cardboard that they were throwing away. We made every detail: the engine was mine, in the end we made the bonnet and painted it blue.

my grandpa's old guitar

In these days I'm trying to cook something I discovered online. It's funny, I didn't know that! I took my grandpa's old guitar, and I watched some videos on youtube. I'm learning to play the guitar and I'm happy for this because I love the music and I'd like to play a song by myself.

eating too much

In this days I play at playstation 4 with my friends and I do a lot of homework, and I cook a lot (and obviously it is all very good).
And I'm eating too much.

My dad

My dad works every day near Bergamo, and I'm worried about him.
When he comes home I hug him. I love him, and when I play with him I have fun! ❤️

mum and dad's bed

I'm happy every day because I play with my sister to be a professional gymnasts on mum and dad's bed.

I love my mum but she is very busy

My mum works in a bank. She is an important person in her office. She goes to work every Mondays and Fridays. I love my mum but she is very busy.

learning algorithms

This week I learnt to do the Rubik Cube, and I've been learning algorithms for a month. I cut my fringe two times, and I helped my mum cutting my father's hair. Then I drew my first portrait and I watched lots of films with my family. For the first time since I'm in this house, I stayed on the balcony sunbathing and tanning. I had to buy a pair of glasses because of the screen of the computer that I've never used so much.

a little bit of melancholy

Yesterday I was really sad because I was thinking about my dog, that I haven't been seeing since the carnival week. That week we had to go skiing and we couldn't bring him with us, so we left him with my aunt in the countryside: it is an hour and a half from Milan. Some days before leaving, we canceled the booking because, for example, the idea of ​​going in the cable cars with the virus scared us so at the end we went for three days to Cinque Terre . When we came back, the government put the decree and we couldn't go back to take him back. Last night, I had a little bit of melancholy so my family allowed me video call my aunt and I saw that my dog ​​was fine and my smile returned immediately!

I have lunch

I wake up,
I have breakfast,
I do my homework,
I have lunch,
I have lunch (...again ndr),
I do my homework,
I read,
I have dinner,
I play videogames,
I go to bed.


On Saturday I visited my cousins and ate with them. Then we watched a film all together but with distances even though we are family... After we went home and I and my brother studied. Before dinner my mother, my dad and I played scrabble, a game we didn't play from along time ago. We all learned new words and it was fun! Good day to all.

1,5 Km of rowing

Today I go with my dad to do sports. He has a rower-machine and I make 1,5 Km of rowing.
It's nice to row because you use your full body but it's also very hard.
We also go for a little run all around the house inside the gate.
It's very hard to exercise when you don't do it for a long time, but It's fantastic do sports with my dad!

Il Collegio

In this period of prolonged quarantine, after dinner I had a lot of fun watching the replay of the reality 'Il Collegio' on the RAI Gulp TV channel, which I didn't see before when I normally attended school because it ended too late.