April 24 th - 25 th

my sister

I usually wake up at 8 o'clock and I have a breakfast with my sister Beatrice: we like orange juice and biscuits. I start virtual lessons at 9 o'clock and I am very happy to meet my friends and my teachers on my pc.
I have lunch at 1 o'clock pm with my family: yesterday I ate pizza and coke. In the afternoon I usually do my homework with my friends and then I play with my sister. She is five years old and she likes to play with dolls, dido and Monopoli. I have dinner at 8 o'clock pm and I watch television. I go to bed at 11 o'clock, I read my book and I sleep.

the headphones

Yesterday my brother’s new headphones arrived at home but there’s a problem, my parents ordered the wrong headphones! These headphones can’t be used with the xbox but they can be used with my tablet, so they decided that I can use the headphones.

a wooden kennel

My friend illegally returned to his village on Monday, I was alone with my mom and sister. To pass the time after the study I started building a wooden kennel for my cat, I used my grandfather's tools and I am very satisfied with how it is coming.

there are more flowers

This morning my cat woke me up meowing . She is so sweet, she's crazy and she run all over the house; in general she's happy in this period. This morning I stayed on the balcony to have a sunbathe. I noticed that there are more flowers in the garden, my neighbour feeds the birds with bread. Yesterday my pen fell off my balcony inside my neighbour's, but they're so kind, so I recollected it :)


In these days I am playing minecraft with my sister and we are having a lot of fun.

I didn’t think about important things

In this week I did many things: I studied, I watched many films, I sunbathed... but I thought of many things. Before this quarantine I was always in a hurry and I didn’t think about important things, now I speak a lot with my family and We are happy even if this period is horrible.

What's missing?

Yesterday I was a little sad: I miss school, I miss my friends and I miss normal life. I'm also a bit worried about the future. Then, I read a beautiful letter of a close friend of mine. She helped me realize that I'm surrounded by many beautiful things, and I had all of this beauty in my life also before this quarantine. It's true, sometimes I'm very sad, but during this period I'm discovering how much I love life!

the taste is acceptable

Yesterday my mom taught me and my sister how to make a chocolate cake. I had a lot of fun! The cake wasn't very good, but the taste is acceptable.

It's raining

I'm happy to be in my house listening to the sound of rain drops.

The taste was great

Yesterday I ate my first pizza of the quarantine. It was fantastic, I like the composition of the different ingredients; I chose ham, salad, fresh tomatoes and cheese. The taste was great and then I was very relaxed and satisfied.

I do things that I love

In this difficult moment I do things that I love, for example I love cooking. I cook a lot of things that I've never done: cakes, muffins... And now I want to make pizza or something else!

my brother cut me my hair

Today my dad and my brother cut me my hair but my hair is very short and I don't like it. Yesterday I call my cousins and we played cards.

Liberation Day

Today is the Liberation Day and we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Milan and Turin from the Germans at the end of WW 2.

I miss freedom

Lately I've been listening to a lot of songs, especially at night, when I'm not tired. I listen to songs and I cry, even if they're happy songs, because I miss my friends and I miss hanging out with them. I miss freedom.

how wonderful

Every day when I wake up I hear birds twitting and I love it. Then when I watch out of my window I see them jumping and flying from branch to branch and from tree to tree, they are so cute. When I went to school I didn't realize how wonderful was it.

we can learn something

Hello. I know that we are very sad in these days but I think that we can learn something in this quarantine. For example, I realised what are the very important things in life. They aren't money or telephone or dresses but they are the friends, the family. This is my opinion. I can't wait to see my whole class and my teachers.

after a long wait

In these days I haven't watched any movies and I haven't read any books, because I was busy with my homework, but this evening, after a long wait, my family and I will watch the last movie of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, so I will finish the saga.

playing the piano

In these days my sister and I have decided that if I taught her how to play the piano she taught me how to play the guitar. I don't think I'm very good at playing the guitar, but my sister is really bad at playing the piano.