April 25 th - 30 th


In this sad and rainy day my friends at the seaside sent me a photo showing the beach of Cesenatico with the message "Together" written on it. So I was happy again. Let's get ready to start and live again!


Yesterday I started to create a monopoly, for now I have only done the game board and today I will do the cards, I am having a lot of fun doing it and it is getting better than I expected but the idea is not mine. It is an idea of Alice my best friend.

monopoly 2

Today I saw my neighbougrs playing monopoly on the balcony. Seeing them playing monopoly I was inspired and so I started playing with my family too.

I can't wait

This week has being busy but I've done a lot of things. I baked with my mum and played with my brother. I am very tired but I'm happy tomorrow is a free day! I miss all my class mates and I can't wait till we get back form school. Good day everyone and have a nice weekend!

a small blue box

A few weeks ago my neighbors' son was born. I was very worried, but everything went well. Three days after my neighbor was discharged, she got there a small blue box. We opened it and saw a wedding favor full of heavenly sugared almonds. But there was something else to the wedding favor ... We saw a bottle of amuchina, but it had a cloth covering in light blue and white stripes with the words "REMEMBER TO USE ME;)" with affection Valeria, Samuel and, Stefano

some days off

This week has been so hard 🤯I had two interviews and two tests, so I studied a lot. Now I’m really tired, but I have some days off to relax, have fun, get up late in the morning and eat Nutella crêpes. I’ll be ready for the next challenge! 🙃

a bunkbed

In these days my mum made for me a fortino under my bed. I usually slept on a bunkbed, but now I have a matresse under it and I sleep there for the quarantine. My dog Pongo started to sleep over there, in the afteroon and at night, where he takes all the space.

Harry Potter

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because after a whole week I can be with my mother and together we watched my favorite movie (Harry Potter).

an obligation or a truth

The day before yesterday I called some friends of mine because I really missed them, we were on phone for 3 hours. We talked, did homework and even played an obligation or a truth! It really felt like being at one another’s house. Certainly a little different, but the idea was that!

a new song

On this week I did a lot of biscuits for me and for my family, I play a new song with the piano and I did a lot of drawings for hobby.

lights that change color

It’s evening and I’m doing my homework. After an hour I get bored and so, I sit on my bed and I open the window. There’s some breeze, delicate and fresh, which welcome me after this long tired day, like a puppy. I look out the city and I see the "bright mountains", on this mountains there are really nice lights that change color, like fireflies. It’s so fun and now I’m very happy!

Dreams change!

How many times we thought not to go to school and stay at home. Now, I only want to go back to school. Dreams change!

The aloe cream

Today I had fun making a cream with a piece of the aloe plant of my balcony. The aloe cream is good to treat the wounds and the skin naturally.

stay at home

I'm now accustomed to stay at home. I am almost afraid to go out of the house again in the next few days.

a fantastic haircut

In this period the barber shops are closed... so I cut my dad's hair with a cut beard. Now he has got a fantastic haircut.

the happiest day of my life

I am very happy because on the news I just heard that it is confirmed that from 4th of May you can return to your home so I will be able to return to Milan. After Monday's lessons I will be able to hug my father and find my cat after two months that I don't see them. I think it is the happiest day of my life.


Today I organized a treasure hunt for my parents. It was very short, but funny, too. Actually I already did it, and it was a surprise, but unluckly they found the tickets first to start the hunt. So this time I told them not to go in any place before the hunt. I tried to make me help from my dog, Pongo, but he didn't do this, even if he was very interested.


Today I watched a movie called Twilight and it talks about vampires and animoso. Thee afterwards I looked at all the homework and I finished doing everything. And I got to the courtyard to take pictures.

I try not to do homework

Today I try not to do homework, because I finished that yesterday. I try not to learn for a day, and I stay a lot of time time with my sister and my grandparents.

A nice mark

Dear professor, yesterday I was questioned in geography and my professor has given me ten! I'm very happy and proud of this mark also because the day before I have studied a lot. I hope I will take a good mark also in science because I want to be questioned for redeem myself from a bad mark in this subject.